Washable super soft reusable face makeup pad.


Super soft microfibres so great for sensitive skin and safe to use around the eye area.

SIZE- 12cm diameter.

It has no harmful dyes.

The fibres are up of  200 times finer than your actual facial hairs, which ensures a super deep clean.

Why these pads are better than ordinary one time use pads:


Great for removing makeup from pores.
The pad is reversable and can be used on both sides
Easy to clean
Can be used reused.
Has a hanging loop for easy storage.
Because of the microfibers, it can remove light to super heavy make-up.
It is perfect for use with cleansers to make sure all your make-up is completely removed.

Machine washable.


Better for the environment. 


Great for saving money as you won't need as many.

Microfiber Makeup Pad

  • Eye makeup remover:

    1. Wet the pad with warm water.
    2. Hold the pad over your eye for a few seconds and gently wipe.

    Facial makeup remover:
    1. Wet the pad with warm water.
    2. Swipe over your face flipping the pad until all makeup is removed.
    3. Wet and apply cleanser.


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